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Expert Consultant


Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhang Guocheng

Company consultants, Chinese Academy of Engineering. Materials of well-known experts in metallurgy, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute PhD supervisor, academic leaders in China is one of rare earth materials, metallurgy, has been awarded the "young and middle countries,"the title, was named the National System Principal Nonferrous Metals Industry Model workers, the State Council special allowance, currently engaged in the national "973" and the National Natural Science Foundation research project, the development of China's nonferrous metals industry has made tremendous contributions. In my company's research and development of composite materials to provide the guidance. 




Liang Xuemin


Company consultant, company director, graduated from Beijing University of Technology. Central South University Dr., magnesium and Design Institute was the chief architect of Guiyang, senior engineer, Master Instructor; Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, vice president of Alcoa, vice president of Nonferrous Metals Society of Henan Province, Central South University, Adjunct Professor . "Energy efficient aluminum technology innovation strategic alliance"Academic Committee. Enjoy special government allowances experts, management experts in Guizhou Province; the Ninth People's Congress of Guizhou Province, the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee; won first prize in a national scientific and technological progress second prize two ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards 4 , access to national and ministerial excellent engineering design 3. Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd general manager and chief engineer.




Zhang Sen

Henan Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, chairman, former senior engineer of Henan Metallurgy Office, non-ferrous metal processing industry in Henan Province, has an important position, he has participated in non-ferrous metals processing industry, upgrading of Henan Province, Henan Province, non-ferrous metals Processing industry has made outstanding contributions to the development of our company provide the composite guidance.




Wu Xiaozu

Metallic materials of renowned experts, former Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, doctoral tutor, China titanium, titanium alloys and titanium composite materials related to one of academic leaders, has participated in the defense industry projects, titanium steel, titanium, aluminum, etc. Depth of composite materials, metal composite materials have deep knowledge, for my company to provide a composite material development guidance.




Guan Shaokang

Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University, Dean, Graduate School of Zhengzhou University, is currently executive vice president of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the Sixth materials science and engineering disciplinesPYZCY, the State Council special allowance, executive director of the Chinese Materials Research Society, China Foundry Society, China Magnesium Association of experts. Presided over the national "863"high-tech projects, national "973"project, the National Natural Science Foundation, Doctoral Fund projects, 19 research projects, through the identification of national and 12 provincial level or above, 8 of which reached the international advanced level; be 10 provincial and ministerial awards, including Henan Science and Technology Progress Award 3, authorized the State Patent 8, composite materials for the development of my company provides guidance.




Xie Jingpei

Professor, is currently vice president of Henan University of Technology, Materials Processing Engineering disciplines of academic leaders, Zhengzhou University doctoral tutor, Henan Province, the backbone of excellent young teachers, young scientists of China Machinery Industry experts, members of the Academic Committee of China Foundry Association, "Casting Alloy, "Journal Editorial Board, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Failure Analysis of Academic Wear and Wear executive director of the Technical Committee, Henan Province, vice president of Collaboration wear-resistant materials, the State Council Special Allowance for the development of composite materials of our company provided guidance of Views.


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