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Enterprise Mission

Enterprise Mission

Enterprise mission: Create value for customers, and build the foundation with integrity.

The enterprise mission is the business purpose and orientation of aenterprise. The cadres and staff of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd always remember thatour company winsan endless stream of customers with the integrity and trustworthiness, the customer’s trust and support become the source of rapid development of our company, and the customer’s value-added and success is the motive force for the continuous progress of our company.

Therefore, our company upholds the dual mission of creating value for customers and building the foundation with integrity:

For customers: Our company always adheres to the customer first, to constantly meet the customer needs, and create the value for customers.

For enterprises: Our company takes the integrity as the foundation of its establishment, and builds the century foundation of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd with the integrity.

In the dual mission, creating the value for customers and promoting the customer’s success are the ultimate goal that the enterprise pursues unremittingly, and building the century foundation based on integrity is the growth goal of the enterprise itself, which is based on the ultimate goal.


Enterprise Mission