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Enterprise Vision

Enterprise Vision

Enterprise vision: Create the world leading multi-layer composite enterprise, and build the century brand of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd.

The vision is the height and goal to be achieved by our company and the guidance and navigation of the company strategy, and it can give staffs with the enthusiasm and impulse for the fighting. The enterprise vision features the stage and growth.At present, Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd takes the leading in China and international reputation as its vision, and all staffs are aggressive and untiringly struggle, to build Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd. into a dynamic and creative modern enterprise with outstanding main business, lean main body, leading scale and efficiency in the same industry in China. It has gradually developed into a leading and internationally renowned comprehensive laminated composite R&D and production base in China on the platform of global economic integration, so as to the dream of enterprise development by science & technology and industry for country.


Enterprise vision