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Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech



Welcome to our website. I believe that our communication will become more convenient and effective and we will become sincere friends through the bridge of network; meanwhile, on behalf of whole staff, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for your support and help.

Facing blooming economy of China, fierce competition of nonferrous metal industry and innovation of new materials, and in the corporate spirit of “Programmatic & Innovative for Leading Enterprise, Dedicated & Progressive for Harmonious Development” and corporate philosophy of “Copper as Base, Aluminum as Drive, Combined for World”, with new value notion, brand image and management model, the company will forge top product quality and provide its customers with advanced technology and high-quality service in order to create a bright future of metal composite materials. The company has independently multi-metal composite plate, the technology and equipment of which are pioneer in China and reach the international advanced level. The multi-metal composite plate can lower the cost and improve the competitiveness.

Unlimited network brings unlimited communication, unlimited cooperation and unlimited opportunities. With new stance, candid mind, enthusiastic cooperation and dedicated service, the company would like to create commonly prosperity with its customers.


Chairman: Fu Huiwen