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Code Of Conduct Of Corporate Post

Code Of Conduct Of Corporate Post

Leadership culture: Unity, overall situation and introspection

Unity: The leading cadres are the core of team. It is necessary to concentrate on our superiors and focus on the overall situation first. Furthermore, it is necessary toset an example for our subordinates, and be open and aboveboard to our colleagues without cliques and factions.

Overall situation: It is necessary to fully study the market, be sensitive to themarket information, and seek the coordination and sustainability of the overall development. Furthermore, it is necessary to plan the thought on reform and development, planaheadforwhattodo and make the scientific decision under the guidance of strategy.

Introspection: Establish the correct view of power, to understand ourselves correctly. It is necessary to understand that there is not any power in handwithout the effort of employees. Carry out the self-respect in personality, introspection in spirit, self-alertness in thought, self-excitation in spirit, honesty, uprightness and selfless devotion. Comply with three three-precepts:

Don’t act as “three-none cadre”: Inability, inaction and non-performance

Don't say three words: "I don't know", "I will not do it" and "Icannot do anything about it".

Don't be three types of people: The first one is the people who do not go deep into reality and do not find problems. The second one is the people who find problems, but can't solve them.The third one is the people who can solve problems, but cannot solve them completely.

Code of conduct of employee post

Observe law and discipline, and cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work.

Beloyaltotheenterprise, and provide the selflessdevotion.

Keep the promise, and provide the high quality service.

Be solidarity and friendship, harmony and peace.

Study the business, and be innovative.

Implement the energy saving and emission reduction, and improve the efficiency.

Work hard, and strive for first-class enterprise.

Staff accomplishment: Loyalty, dedication, integrity, innovation and gratitude

Loyalty: The loyalty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation in life and career and the bidirectional force running between Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd and its employees. The loyalty to country, enterprise andcareer, the sense of responsibility and mission for enterprises, society and the country,the never-endingpursuit and no regrets for the career, and conscientious and selfless dedication in the post are the essential moral accomplishment and professional ethics for each staff.

Dedication: The beginningto success is to love your work.Work diligently to fulfill your dutywith your heart. Working is not only a means of livelihood, but also a social responsibility for eachstaff as a specific member of society.Every staff's different professional activities can maintain the normal operation of the whole organization. No matter in which position, there must be a spirit of doing, loving and drilling, which is also the moral obligation of every employee.There must be a spirit of doing, loving and delving into its industry, which is also the moral obligation of every staff.

Integrity: Keep the promise with the company, abide by the labor contract, and fulfill the job responsibility. Keep the promise with customers and partners, and insist on providing them with the highquality products and services.Don't lie or give the empty talk, and don't smooth over a fault or shirk the responsibility.The company can forgive its staffs for their work mistakes, but it does not allow any staff to lose its integrity.

Innovation: Form a good atmosphere of advocating science and technology, respecting knowledge and respecting talents. Cultivate good habits that everyone learns knowledge and technology, and strive to become a learning-type talent. It shall be enterprising spirit and bold innovation, and constantly improve the professional technology and innovative capability, to add the luster to the development of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd.

Gratitude: The value of staffs in Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd can only be sublimated when they serve the development of enterprises and the society.The fate of staffs is closely related to the prospects of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd. The personal potential can be improved only when the company grows. It can make greater contributions to the development of company and reflect the personal value only when the individual ability is improved.All done for his careerand the rewards received will be valuable and meaningful for the staffswhoare grateful and know how to give back.