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Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

The company keeps pace with the times and innovates constantly, and provides thefuture-proofing management concept, strategic concept, talent concept, service concept and quality concept. It forms an ideological system to guide the development of the company, and becomes the ideological support for the leap-forward development of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd in the new century.

Concept system of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd

1. Business philosophy: Honesty-oriented, customer first, and factualism and innovation

As a systematic and fundamental management idea of a company, the business philosophy is the basis for managers to pursue theenterprise performance and the confirmation of customers, competitors and employees'values and correct behavior.The strategic vision, technical advantage, development direction, corporate culture and goals of our company are based on the business philosophy.A clear and lasting business philosophy is not only an important guarantee for the health, stability and sustainable development of our company, but also a good genetic gene for building a centennial foundation.

Honesty-oriented: The staffs are loyal to the company, and the company trusts its staffs. Take the social responsibility with honesty, and build a win-win bridge with customers with the honesty.

Customer first: Owning customers is the future of our company, to pursuit to realize the customer's idea, create the value for customers, and let customers share the results of development.

Factualism and innovation: The market situation is constantly changing, and the customer needs are constantly updated.It is the external embodiment of enterprise wisdom to adapt to the market and guide the market by the factualism and innovation.The independent innovation is the motive force to promote the company's development.

2. Strategic concept: Independent innovation, pursuit of excellence, enterprisedevelopment by science& technology, and industryforcountry

Independent innovation: The innovation is an inexhaustible motive force to achieve the sustainable leap-forward development of enterprises.It is the motive force and source for enterprises to become bigger and stronger by constantly strengthening the independent innovation capacity, highlighting the conversion effect of independent intellectual property right (IPR) and patent technology and application achievements, and improving the quantity and quality of independent intellectual property rights (IPR).

Pursuit of excellence: Build the first-class enterprise, persistently pursue theperfect goal, constantly surpass itself and strive for the goal of domestic advanced and international first-class. There is no best, only better.

Enterprisedevelopment by science& technology: The scientific research is the foundation of enterprises.The advanced technology that adapts to the market and is always ahead of its peers is the inexhaustible motive force to promote the competition of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd.

Industryforcountry: We will build Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd into an international high-tech enterprise with social respect, customer trust and leading technology in the new material industry at home and abroad. The dream of rejuvenating the new material industry can be realized by the sustained economic growth and rapid industrialization of scienceand technology innovationachievements.

3. Talent concept: People-oriented, common growth of staff and enterprise

The competition among enterprisesis the competition of talentsin the final analysis. Our company will take the people-oriented as the starting point of all its work, to stimulate the people's potential and creativity, mobilize the people's subjective initiative, fully exert the knowledge productivity, and tap the knowledge resources to create the wealth.At the same time, it will establish a good interaction between the company and staff, to achieve the common growth of staffs and the company.

Human resources goal: High quality, high performance and high return

Talent philosophy: Talent identified by virtue and ability, talent training by post, talent application by performance, andtalentretain bycareer

● Talent identification: Virtue first, and talent last

● Talent training: Internal and external training, and talent training on demand

● Talent application: Know how to apply the talent, and fullplayeachone's capability. Apply the manpower and the human intelligence.

● Talent retain: Performance-based appraisal,salary by post, fair competition and potential excitation

Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd respects the personality of eachstaff, all staffs are equal in personality and equal before the development opportunities, and it advocates the simple and sincere interpersonal relationships, finds the strengths and characteristics of staffs, and applies the strengths of staffs. The staffs are encouraged to build on their own positions and achievements, and respect the realization of their personal values, to create a harmonious and passionate working environment for outstanding talents.

Definition of talent

● Whether it is a talent does not depend on the approval of the superior leaders, but is reflected on its own work, job competition and market competition.

● The performance superior to qualification, capability superior to education background and emphasis on performance, creation, achievement, benefit and contribution are the talent application standard of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd.

● The talent is not decided by the education background, qualification and identity, butthe right thing is done by the proper talent.

Talent strategy

Recruit talent widely, and combine with the independent talent training and the introduction of talent.

Establish the scientific post competency assessment mechanism.

Reform the mechanism deeply and persistently, and improve the competitiveness.

Strengthen the training, communication and team building.

Unification of employee value and staffvalue

Marketing concept: Competition, cooperation and win-win

The competition is the source of market pressure. It is necessary to transfer the competitive pressure to the manager and staff at all levels, guide the staff to adapt to the open competitive environment, deal with the competitive pressure proactively, change pressure into motivation, assume the pressure and challenge from all parties, and establish a strategic partnership to share risks and interests with customers under the situation of cooperation and competition, to seek the common development and progress, and optimize the market competition environment through win-win.

Business philosophy

Win the customer loyalty.

● Win-win business philosophy: If itisinmyfavor, the customers will not exist. If there are more benefit for us and less benefit for customers, the customers will not last for a long time. If the customers’ benefit and our benefit are equal to each other, the customers will last for a long time, and our companywill benefit from them lastly.

● Establish a strategic partnership to share risks and interests with customers, and combine the pursuit of economic interests with the fulfillment of professional ethics and social responsibility, to seek the common development and progress.

● Considerthe operation and service of Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd from the customer's concerns, and provide customers with a complete set of solutions, to achieve the all-round customer satisfaction strategy.

● Provide customers with the service beyond expectation continuously, create excessive value for customers, so as to move customers and enhance the brand loyalty during the movement, so as to realize the competitive advantage of enterprises in the market.

5. Quality concept: Customer first, striveforexcellence, and creation of century brand

The quality is the life of enterprise and the basis ofbrand.Numerous cases of successful and failed enterprises constantly verify its correctness. The enterprise which focuses on the quality will get the market, and the enterprise which neglects thequality will be eliminated.The quality is not only the way to rejuvenate a country, but also the life of an enterprise. What is more important than life? It can be said that quality is the whole of an enterprise.

The brand is one of the most popular keywords in recent years, and the quality is the most closely related factor of the brand.If the brand is taken as a building, the quality will be the foundation of this building.Without the solid foundation of quality, the building of brand established by enterprises will not withstand the baptism of the marketinevitably, or even collapse overnight.The survey of well-known national brands in the market in recent years shows they undoubtedly hold the banner of quality, such as Haier, Huawei, Gree. Each has its own merit for the success, but the quality is the common magic weapon for all brands to succeed.I hope that our company will continue to cherish the quality of productsas much as they care for their eyes, and cherish the brand of enterprises as they cherish their lives.

6. Service concept: The customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

The service is a culture, as well as a value. The service not only represents a system, but also is integrated into the company managementas a culture in Luoyang Copper One Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd, which is accepted and pursued by all staffs.

The expectations of customers are as great as the goals we pursue. Our company adheres to the service concept of customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, in line with the purpose of creating value for customers, and insists on the meticulous design, organization, manufacturing, construction and service for each product and project, to create the high quality products and satisfy customers.