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Copper clad aluminum composite decoration materials

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The copper is strong corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance and luster, and it is widely used in decoration industry. The outer copper plays the main role for the copper strips in the decoration industry, while the inner copper strips only plays a supporting role.Our company developsthe copper clad aluminum plate,sheets and strips in the decoration industry (curtain wall, copper door and copper etching) to replace the pure copper products, which saves about 60% of copper per square meter, and significantly saves the valuable copper resources. The light aluminum material significantly reduces the difficulty of processing and installation, and significantly reduces the cost of raw materials. The product is briefly described as follows:

Product Size

Thickness:0.6~3.0mm;Width:600~ 1000mm

Product Features

It is high bonding strength, to realize thesurface bonding between copper and aluminum. The material quality and status of the base material can be adjusted according to different purposes, and the overall properties of materials can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different applications.It can realize the bending, drilling and deep drawing processes.

Technical Parameters

Bonding strength:≥12N/mm;Bonding rate: 100%

Tensile strength:130~200MPa;90Bending without crack;Elongation rate: 0~35%

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