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Power metal transition plate

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The copper and aluminum are excellent conductive materials with high cost performance. They are widely used in power systems and are the main conductive materials.In general, the aluminum is used in the high voltage line, and the copper is used in low voltage distribution cabinet systems.However, the copper and aluminum cannot be directly connected. Therefore,the reliable connection between copper conductor and aluminum conductor has a significant impact on the safe operation of the whole power system.

The traditional copper-aluminum connecting materials are usually prepared by the flash welding, friction welding and brazing processes. There is the quality risk and the potential safety hazard for the mechanical properties, reliability and electrical conductivity of the connectors.It is imperative to develop an advanced production technology and a new type of electric fittings materials.

Our company develops the copper clad aluminum composite equipment clamp, parallel grooveclamp, copper clad aluminum composite transition plate and copper clad aluminum composite connecting sheet by the independent innovation. They are widely used in the electric industry for thereplacement of the traditional process, to not only improve the product quality, but also reduce the production cost. Therefore, it is an ideal connecting productsof copper clad aluminum transition plate.

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Product Features

It is high bonding strength, to realize the metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum, solve the problems of low conductivity, low mechanical strength, poor reliability and low density of copper and aluminum connectors, and save the cost and resources.

Technical Parameters

Bonding strength:≥12N/mm;Bonding rate: 100%;Shear strength:≥35MPa;Tensile strength: 90~150MPa;Elongation rate: 0~35%



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