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Double-sidedcopper clad aluminum composite bar

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Product Features

The copper clad aluminum composite bars produced by our company with several patented technologies solves two major problems of copper clad aluminum composites, such as easy oxidation of copper and aluminum, difficult removal of oxide film, and intermetallic compound (Al2Cu) between copper and aluminum at lower temperature. The thickness of copper-aluminum transition layer for the traditional copperclad aluminum bar is 15 - 50μm through the SEM analysis, while the thickness of copper-aluminum transition layer for the copperclad aluminum composite bar produced by our company is only 1-2um, which is much less than that of traditional copperclad aluminum bar. It not only realizes the metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum, but also ensures the bonding strength between copper and aluminum effectively, to solve the problem of high resistivity for the transition layer. Its overall performance is excellent, the bending, drilling and punching performance are the same as that of pure copper, and the density is small, and it can save more than 30% of cost in use.

Technical Parameters

Bonding strength:≥12N/mm

Bonding rate: 100%

Shear strength:≥35MPa

Tensile strength: 90~150MPa

Elongation rate: 0~35%

DC resistivity:≤0.02450mm2/m

Surface conductivity:≥98%

Rated current temperature rise:≤65℃

Main scope of application

Electric conductivity industry (can be widely used in high and low voltage distribution cabinet, switchgear, bus-bar and electrolyzer).

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