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Copper Clad Aluminum Composite Connecting Sheet for Lithium Batteries

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With the rapid development of lithium battery automobile industry, the PACK connection problem of lithium battery becomes more and more prominent. There are thousands of battery packs for many complete coaches, the positive and negative electrodes of the single cell are made of aluminum foil and copper foil, and how to realize the safe, reliable, light and simple series and parallel connection of lithium battery packs is the bottleneck technology that restricts the development of lithium battery automobile industry.

Our company has developed two copper clad aluminum composite materials, copper clad aluminum composite base materials and copper clad aluminum composite transition film for the connection of lithium batteries by the independent innovation. Base materials: The copper clad aluminum composite base materials are made of the 3mm thick copper materials and the 10mm thick aluminum plate, to complete the copper collector connection of the copper negative electrode, while the aluminum is connected with the external aluminum plate, so that two exposed electrodes of the battery pack are of aluminum, which can be connected by the normal laser welding technology. Connecting sheet materials: There is a 10mm composite copper strip in the middle of aluminum sheet; the copper strip is connected with the inner copper collector through copper rivets, and the aluminum plates on both sides are used for the series and parallel connection of single cells.

Product Size

It is customizedon the request of customers.

Product Features

It is high bonding strength, to realize the metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum. There is no contact resistance between copper and aluminum, so it can provide stable and reliable quality.

Technical Parameters

Bonding Strength ≥100MPa

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